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Can you buy ketotifen over the counter if you are having an issue with this? I am not allergic to it, but my doctor said it can be dangerous, and cause serious side effects if taken in a large enough dose or in combination with other medications it may interact with. For my purposes here, I use it daily, and am concerned could possibly contribute to my acne cycle. Answer: Absolutely not! It is safe and effective for acne with a very low risk of triggering a serious allergic reaction. Ketoifen is also safe if taken in very small doses with an adequate amount of other topical acne drugs if used in conjunction with other topical acne medications. It is an incredibly small, but potent class of drugs as well, and has been used for centuries in many dermatological practices. Ketoifen contains the potent but easy to use phenylamine ring-di-oxygenase (PDAO)-type enzyme – a naturally over the counter eye drops containing ketotifen occurring substance found within the skin of cats and dogs. The enzyme has been studied extensively for its ability to fight infection and infection-associated resistance. (10) It is not known if the same compound – active ingredient in Keto-fen can function as an anti-inflammatory or in any way other than killing bacteria and viruses in a positive way. In addition to targeting bacterial and fungal infections, the enzyme has been shown to kill the growth of bacteria that trigger certain inflammatory skin disorders. For example, the mechanism this is to cut down the growth of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) which are produced by certain skin bacteria (11). When LPS is present on an inflammatory skin lesion, it activates the enzyme. Activation of this enzyme promotes the death of bacteria and promotes the healing of affected skin. compound is also known to work in a similar manner on macrophages, type of white blood cell that act as immune cells. When they are activated, produce inflammatory mediators that increase the growth of other type white blood cells such as dendritic cells, leukocytes, and neutrophil. Ketoifen may also have skin-beneficial properties – the growth of keratinocytes is said to be the most common skin inflammation in acne. This is said to be caused by microorganisms in the environment such as bacteria. Ketoifen has been used to treat skin inflammation in the ketotifen eye drops australia face, neck, and back, thus there is some evidence that the natural components may also be used to treat acne (9). Ketoifen is available in 3 strengths (50% Keto, 50% Fen, and 20% Keto) in a white powder capsule. It is available in cream form and a liquid solution. This study on Ketoifen in acne was published 2013 and can be read here: Ketoifen and Epidermal Neutrophil Function It's important to ketotifen eye drops over the counter know that Keto.

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Zaditor is used for temporary prevention of itching of the eye due to allergies.

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